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WE DO arborist equipment


This is Rock-N-Arbor, your one-stop shop for all your arborist and tree climbing needs.


Rock-N-Arbor (RNA) emerged in 2017, an offshoot of our sister company, Rock-N-Rescue (RNR), established in 1982. RNR has a legacy of providing equipment across diverse fields: confined space entry, fall protection, rescue, and more.

Driven by a demand for reliable, affordable gear, RNR began crafting its own equipment in 1984, which continues to this day. Fast forward to 2016, after attending an aerial rescue training, we recognized the need for more affordable and durable tree care products designed for the modern arborist. One year later in 2017, RNA was born.

As a three-generation family-run business, RNA is committed to providing reliable, certified, US-made gear that has been thoroughly tested and inspected. As we are users of work at height and rescue gear ourselves, we understand the importance of safety on the job and focus on providing arborists with the tools they need to run as efficiently and safely as possible.


Beyond stocking leading arborist brands and crafting our own line of slings, bags, rope lanyards, hitch cords and more, we:

  • Design and extensively field test & destructively test products
  • Ship all of the products on our website out of our own Pennsylvania warehouse and ensure a quick turnaround of in-stock items
  • Operate a production splicing department that specializes in sewn terminations and hand splicing
  • Produce custom-made products for more than a few leading brands within the rescue, arborist, fitness, hunting, outdoor, and rigging industries


With four decades of experience in life safety, RNA is dedicated to a simple yet crucial mission: making the world of arboriculture safer, more efficient, and more affordable.


Our foremost priority is the safety of arborists, the lifeblood of our industry. Our equipment is carefully designed and rigorously tested to meet the highest safety standards.

timely delivery

We understand that sometimes unexpected jobs and situations arrive. That’s why we pride ourselves on our commitment to prompt delivery of in-stock items, thanks to our hardworking shipping department. At RNA, 80% of orders of in-stock items ship the same day they are placed.


With our termination and manufacturing capabilities, we can create products from start to finish all in-house, and pass the savings onto you. We understand that reducing operational costs is key to a thriving business, so we focus on manufacturing quality gear that can be delivered to you at a lower cost than large companies.

supporting u.s. jobs

We manufacture and partner locally, contributing to job creation and the vitality of our communities. As we are based in PA, once the steel capital of the world, we take pride in creating US jobs and focus on doing our part to help rebuild America’s manufacturing capabilities.

HARRISON WEINEL, President of Manufacturing

HUNTER WEINEL, Director of Business Development

JOHN MORGAN, Vice President of Operations

TANNER MURRAY, Customer Service Lead

JESSICA LAMB, Customer Service Representative

YASMIN FLOR-STULL, Sewing Department Manager

CELESTE O’CONNOR, Director of Marketing

ANTHONY PALLONE, Warehouse Operations Manager

JOSEPH GRAY, Lead Training Instructor

DAVID SMITH, Outside Sales Representative


We are a family-run arbor manufacturer and supplier based out of Butler, Pennsylvania. We were created in 2017 when our sister company Rock-N-Rescue saw a need for safe and reliable arborist equipment. With the ability to manufacture, test, inspect, and ship rescue equipment and 40 years of life safety experience already under our belt, it only made sense to bring our expertise to arbor.

Yes. In fact, we acquired Omega Pacific in 2022 and are now providing high-quality carabiners, pulleys, rappel rings and other rescue and arbor devices, thousands of which have been shipped around the country since.

Yes, we run big sales a couple times per year and occasional discounts and deals on various items and brands. We also offer preferred pricing accounts with two tiers of discounts and perks – you can apply for preferred pricing here. To stay informed on sales and specials we offer throughout the year, follow us on Instagram or Facebook and sign up for our email newsletter.

Because we are here to stay. The arbor equipment industry is dominated by huge corporations, and we are seeing more and more of the small businesses get swallowed up. This hurts the small business and the customer – the huge arbor suppliers often have late shipments and poor customer service. Thanks to our hardworking shipping department, 80% of orders of in-stock items ship the same day.

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